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Girlfriend jealous of other couples I Wanting Couples

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Girlfriend jealous of other couples

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I do this ALL the time. It really effects my self-esteem and turns me into a very bitter and negative person - I don't know why I do it but I do, how can I help myself get over this habit?

I place really high expectations on myself and things that I want to achieve, and when I don't girlfriend jealous of other couples them, I get really depressed and hit an all-time low.

Then when I see other people achieving those things that I wanted but didn't get, I get extremely oc and resentful.

It's horrible - I hate having these feelings present in me. One example is my boyfriend and I.

We have been together for 6 years and plan to buy a house at the end of this year. I am also hoping to get engaged before then or sometime around then But the house thing is definitely our main objective.

Sep 24, Feeling jealous of a friend's happiness is normal - especially if you lost your Whether you're dealing with “happy couple” jealousy like my reader, “happy ( such as feeling jealous when your boyfriend sees his ex-girlfriend). Oct 10, If you're jealous about another couple or pining over someone else's “couple goals,” you should try asking them questions about what works. Apr 25, When I see other couples achieving what I want to achieve (getting engaged, buying a house) I just get extremely jealous and resentful.

Because we are currently saving for a house deposit we have sacrificed lots - I girlfriend jealous of other couples moved back with my parents temporarily to save money, he is working an extra job.

When I see other couples achieving what I want to achieve getting engaged, girlfriend jealous of other couples a house I just get extremely jealous dating sites in malaysia resentful because they have done what I want to do while I am still stuck living with my parents desperately trying to save money so that my boyfriend and I can reach that goal.

It sounds really childish but I can't help it Recently a girl I know got engaged to her boyfriend of 3 years and they also bought a house.

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I was just overcome with jealousy that she has been in her relationship for less than half the amount of time than I have and already her and her partner have achieved all of these things.

Or another of my friends who just got engaged after 1.

I've been with my boyfriend for 6 years and we're still working towards these goals. How can I overcome this jealousy?

I hate being a jelaous person, I really. I know it comes from having high expectations on myself and comparing myself to others but it just results in me feeling like rubbish and having low self-esteem.

Does anyone else experience the same kind of thing? It's not a race.

Every relationship is different. It will happen in time.

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I don't get the impression that you're nearing your 40s and are concerned about fertility, so where is the rush? Enjoy your time together, meet your goals, it's okay.

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The solution to your problem lies in understanding 'why do we compare at all' Now a verbal explanation on my part or my understanding would mean nothing to you as there would be intellectual understanding but not the realization of the fact. So go and find out why girlfriend jealous of other couples human mind is involved in comparison and measurement each and every second.

Alpine, I can relate totally relate to your dilemma!

I have a habit of being silently competitive with people who seem to have accomplished more in their lives so far. But, like Fudgie jeaous, it girlfriend jealous of other couples definitely not a race. You should focus on your tasks at hand and continue to work toward.

The people who you believe have jealois the dream have their own unspoken worries and insecurities. I've had this conversation with friends multiple times -- the day I feel ready to stop working toward something or bettering myself is probably the day I die.

Dec 13, “It's human nature to compare yourselves to other couples or use them as a And unless you're too jealous to say so, you've probably let them. Jan 19, And every time I see a couple that looks so happy and perfect for each other, I get .. A long time ago, my (now ex) gf decided to give me head and thought she. Apr 25, When I see other couples achieving what I want to achieve (getting engaged, buying a house) I just get extremely jealous and resentful.

Still, in the meantime, you can be completely blissful in the moment and the process of nearing your goals. As long as you feel that your relationship is right and you're happy, then lay off the comparisons.

You'll get. Thanks for all of the supportive and helpful comments so far: All times are GMT The time now is All rights reserved.