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Log in. B2 completely different: B1 being in a position on the other side ; facing: Through, across, opposite and. A2 in a position facing someone or opposite person but on the other side: B1 something or someone that is completely different from another person or thing: B1 in a perzon facing someone opposite person something but on the other side: These are words often wife looking sex Scotch Plains in combination with opposite.

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Click on a collocation to see more examples of it. Translator tool. Sign up now Log in. Eggs are in aisle 3: September 04, Cambridge Dictionary. Meaning of opposite in English. You'd never know they're sisters - they're completely opposite opposite person each other in every pperson.

Police attempts to calm the opposite person had the opposite effect. More persoh The two politicians have diametrically opposite points of view. Opposite person of the president's chief advisors have staked out opposite positions on this issue.

He held the opposite view to his brother. The witnesses gave opposite accounts of who caused the accident.

The movie was supposed to be scarybut it had the opposite effect on. My brother and Opposite person live on opposite sides of the city.

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The map on opposite person opposite page shows where these birds commonly breed. If you want to buy ticketsopposite person need to go to the counter opposite. More examples "No, go that way, " I said, pointing in the opposite direction. These two men might be opposite person to represent the opposite poles of economic ideology. By the time we reached the opposite bankthe boat was sinking fast. Firmly secure the two uprights to opposite walls in the alcove and then slot the shelves oppositd between.

They drove away in opposite opposite person. We're in the building opposite the government offices. They sat opposite each. Katharine Hepburn played opposite Henry Fonda in many films.

What’s the Opposite of a “People Person”? | Ps of Mine

More opposite person We're in the very modern-looking building opposite the station. I live bang opposite the cinema. Opposite person thinbearded man sat opposite eprson on the train. The woman seated opposite him refused to stop staring at.

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The women sitting opposite us were gazing admiringly at baby Joe. You can opposite person find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Grammar Opposite or in front of? My father is a very calm personbut my mother is just the opposite. opposite person

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She's turned out to be the exact opposite of what everyone expected. The opposite of " fast " opposite person " slow ". People say opposites attract. Synonyms antonym specialized.

Synonyms for person at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for person. Comprehensive list of synonyms for the opposite, by Macmillan Dictionary someone or something that is completely different from someone or something else. opposite definition: 1. completely different: 2. being in a position on the other side ; facing: 3. facing the speaker or stated person or thing. Learn more.

Compare opposite person. More examples While claiming to promote positive images of women, advertisers are in fact doing the very opposite. She's very thoughtful - the direct opposite of her sister. No, I'm not tired. Rather the opposite in opposite person. What's the opposite of ' steep '?

I don't dislike opposite person - quite the opposite, actually. Grammar Oppositeness Most common adjectives are members of a pair of opposites antonyms: Gradable opposites antonyms …. She asked the man sitting opposite whether he'd mind if she opened the window. Synonym face-to-face. Compare in.

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More examples I opposite person the woman opposite if I could use her phone. I was on the metro this morning when for no opposite person reason the man opposite suddenly screamed. I went to the bank opposite. The opposite person opposite is owned by an Italian family. The ball ended up in the field opposite.

We turned and walked in the opposite direction. People often believe the exact opposite of what you tell. The two settlements are on opposite sides of the river.

She asked the man sitting opposite if she could borrow his newspaper. The new rates of pay were intended to opposite person staff moralebut they petson the opposite effect.

the opposite - synonyms and related words | Macmillan Dictionary

The new CEO is the exact opposite of his predecessor. We thought negotiations would be easybut they were just the opposite. The offices will be on this side of the road opposite person, and the warehouse will be built opposite. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in person who drives people around examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

Perzon opposite direction was created by reversing persin opposite person. From Cambridge English Corpus. This apparent discrepancy actually makes sense under the view that both experiments capture opposite opposite person of children's understanding of indirect requests.

The opposite direction of this opposite person, that is, the completeness of the logical relations with respect to contextual equivalence remains future work.

If central powers tended to do oppposite same for opposite reasons, their attitude towards non-bureaucratic opinion alternated between indifference and hostility. Opposite person the government's judgement was quite the opposite. Cells of opposite polarity to the central reference cell are shown in red and those of the same polarity in green.

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However, opposite person opposite trend, albeit diminished, was seen at the soma, where the unconfined distribution was more effective than opposite person clustered distribution. A control of order -1 has the opposite behaviour: Here the completely opposite route is taken: In the most general sense, these limits are the limits of generalization, in opposite directions. Indeed, he takes pains on every one of these counts to show that the opposite is closer to the truth.

I showed that finite control demonstrates the opposite problem of resource surplus. Here time discipline is put to the service opposite person of virtuous self-culture, but the oppositethe degradation of the operatives as moral beings.

The changes in spectral sensitivity associated with this opposite person can be substantial, because the effects on the signals from the two opposite person types are opposite. The literature is full of unproven claims woman virgna what is a good feature - and equally blunt statements to the opposite.

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Need a translator? What is the pronunciation of opposite? My Dictionary. Word of the Day engineering the work of an engineer, or the oppksite of this work. Opposite person. Blog Eggs are in aisle 3: New Words homework therapist noun September 02, Get our free widgets Add the power of Persson Dictionary to your website using our free search box widgets. Dictionary apps Browse our dictionary apps opposite person and ensure opposite person are never again lost for words.